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Welcome to the GMC Canyon Tuning-section, where we try to provide as much information on how to modify the GMC Canyon as we can.

Getting the information gathered here is a difficult task, as we cannot test all possible tuning-setups and modifications ourselves.

This is why we need your help. We know there are a lot of GMC Canyon enthusiasts out there, whose cars are everything but stock, and who have gathered quite some knowledge while tuning their vehicles. That knowledge is very valueable to our other users, who plan to modify or further modify their GMC Canyon, or who are simply interested in how it would work.

So, if you own a (visually or technically) modified GMC Canyon, or know someone who does, please submit that vehicle to this Tuning-section and aid us in building the web's largest GMC Canyon Tuning-resource. We rely on your support, and would deeply appreciate your help.

Submit your car here

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