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The Audi A4 comes powered by a choice of four- and six-cylinder engines and is optionally available with Quattro all-wheel-drive. An Avant wagon offers increased trunk space.
Powered by six-, eight-, and ten-cylinder engines, the Audi A6 hosts five passengers in a comfortable and save interior. Sedan and wagon versions are available.
Powered by silky smooth inline-6 engines, the BMW 3-Series features handsome styling, excellent build quality, and class-leading handling.
The Cadillac CTS offers distinctive styling, good handling, and a spacious interior. Power comes from a choice of V6 engines. The high-performance CTS-V is a four-door muscle car.
Power by a choice of V6 engines and the latest version of the legendary Hemi engine, the Dodge Magnum features a bold and aggressive exterior and a spacious interior with a large trunk.
The Honda Accord comes powered by 4- and 6-cylinder engines and offers a spacious and comfortable interior, good handling, and excellent build quality.
The Hyundai Elantra offers best-in-class interior room and extensive safety equipment that includes six airbags. Power comes from a 2.0l 4-cylinder engine with 138hp.
The Subaru Outback comes powered by a choice of flat-4 and flat-6 engines. The Outback provides a controlled and comfortable ride and features standard all-wheel-drive.
The Volkswagen Jetta is a delectable dish of European-bred automotive technology, superior materials, and tangibly good build quality, offering excellent handling and safety.
Available in sedan and wagon bodystyles, the VW Passat features an uplevel interior and soühisticated suspension. Power comes from a 4-cylinder turbo engine mated to a dual-clutch transmission.