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The Aston Martin DBS is one of the most elegant grand tourers available. It is powered by a 6.0L V12 engine driving the rear-wheels and offers an excellent combination of ride and handling.
Built on a carbonfiber monocoque and powered by a 7.2L V12, the One-77 is Aston Martin's most powerful road car. As its name suggests, the One-77 is limited to only 77 examples.
Available in coupe and convertible bodystyles, the Chevrolet Corvette offers excellent handling, powerful V8 engines, and handsome looks for a price unrivalled in its class.
The Dodge Viper is an uncompromised sportscar. Powered by a giant V10, the Viper is loud and massive, its suspension rock hard. The Viper is not very refined, but all the more involving.