Air Intakes
Features non-metallic rotationally molded tubes that can reduce intake temperature and decrease intake sound over a metal tube.
Suitable for: 2007 - 2009 Toyota Tundra
Toyota Tundra: K&N 63-Series Performance Intake Kit
This lowering kit for 2WD models includes front coils, rear leafs, rear shocks, wedges, u-bolts, and bump stops.
Suitable for: 2007 - 2009 Toyota Tundra
Toyota Tundra: Ground Force 9852 Complete Drop Kit
EBC Brakes GD Series Front Sport Rotor Kit is designed to prevent ribbing of rotor surface and provide excellent durability.
Suitable for: 2000 - 2009 Toyota Tundra
Toyota Tundra: EBC Front Sport Rotors
Made of stainlass steel, this dynp tested exhaust system provides great sound and performance gains.
Suitable for: 2007 - 2008 Toyota Tundra
Toyota Tundra: MagnaFlow Stainless Steel Exhaust System
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Bodystyle: Pickup Truck
Class: Full-Size Truck
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The Toyota Tundra comes in three bodystyles, with a choice of V6 and V8 engines and optional AWD. The Tundra delivers power, payload, and tow ratings that meet or beat the best.
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