Air Intakes
Virtually eliminates restriction between the air filter and the engine by replacing the air filter and the entire air path to the engine.
Suitable for: 2006 Hyundai Tucson
Hyundai Tucson: K&N 63-Series Air Charger Air Intake Kit
Increases the forward rake of your vehicle for an aggressive look as well as improved handling characteristics.
Suitable for: 2005 - 2008 Hyundai Tucson
Hyundai Tucson: Eibach Pro-Truck Suspension Lowering Kit
Eliminates rotor galling and finished with an anti-corrosion coating rendering long lasting durability.
Suitable for: 2005 - 2006 Hyundai Tucson
Hyundai Tucson: EBC Front Sport Brake Discs
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