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Honda Accord - Reviews / Specs / Pictures / Prices
The Honda Accord comes powered by 4- and 6-cylinder engines and offers a spacious and comfortable interior, good handling, and excellent build quality.
Honda Civic - Reviews / Specs / Pictures / Prices
Available in several bodystyles, the Honda Civic comes powered by 4-cyl. engines with optional Hybrid support and provides excellent reliability, practicality, fuel economy, and sporty handling.
Bodystyle: SUV
Class: Compact SUV
Honda CR-V - Reviews / Specs / Pictures / Prices
The Honda CR-V comes powered by a 4-cylinder engine only and features optional all-wheel-drive. With seating for five, it offers a flexible interior and comprehensive safety equipment.
Bodystyles: Hybrid, Coupe, Hatchback
Class: Hybrid Compact
Honda CR-Z - Reviews / Specs / Pictures / Prices
The Honda CR-Z sport hybrid coupe introduces sleek styling and sporty handling to the hybrid segment. The two-passenger CR-Z is powered by a 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine with hybrid assist.
Bodystyles: Crossover, Hatchback
Class: Compact CUV
Honda Element - Reviews / Specs / Pictures / Prices
The Honda Element is a utility vehicle that's designed to maximize space and hauling options in a fairly small package, with driving characteristics similar to a small sedan.
Bodystyle: Hatchback
Class: Subcompact
Honda Fit - Reviews / Specs / Pictures / Prices
The Honda Fit is one of the most versatile vehicles in its class, thanks to its "magic" rear seats. It is powered by a willing 1.5-liter 4-cylinder and offers excellent handling.
Bodystyles: Sedan, Hybrid
Class: Hybrid Sedan
Honda Insight - Reviews / Specs / Pictures / Prices
The Honda Insight is a fuel-efficient 4-door sedan. As a dedicated hybrid, the Insight is not about handling and performance. It does offer a fairly spacious cabin and a large trunk, though.
Bodystyle: Minivan
Class: Minivan
Honda Odyssey - Reviews / Specs / Pictures / Prices
One of the best minivans available, the Honda Odyssey offers great road manners, easy passenger and cargo flexibility, a full array of safety equipment, and good fuel economy.
Bodystyle: SUV
Class: Mid-Size SUV
Honda Pilot - Reviews / Specs / Pictures / Prices
Powered by a 3.5l 6-cylinder engine with optional all-wheel-drive, the Honda Pilot offers seating for 8 passengers in an inconspicuous yet well-executed and efficient package.
Bodystyle: Pickup Truck
Class: Mid-Size Truck
Honda Ridgeline - Reviews / Specs / Pictures / Prices
The Honda Ridgeline is an innovative pickup featuring bold looks, excellent build quality, composed handling due to an independent rear suspension, and a spacious Crew Cab interior.
Discontinued Honda Models
Bodystyle: Convertible
Class: Roadster
Honda  S2000 - Reviews / Specs / Pictures / Prices
Powered by a high-revving 4-cylinder engine mated to a slick 6-speed manual, the rear-wheel-drive Honda S2000 offers entertaining handling. The CR is a focussed track-toy.
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