Air Intakes
Designed to dramatically reduce intake restriction by smoothening and straightening air flow.
Suitable for: 2001 - 2003 Ford Ranger
Ford Ranger: K&N 57-Series Gen2 Air Intake Kit
Made from high-strength chromium alloy to ensure more tensile strength, these springs allow for vigorous off-road handling.
Suitable for: 1986 - 1997 Ford Ranger
Ford Ranger: Skyjacker Softride Front Coil Springs
Made from select non-asbestos organic formulation using aramid fibers without steel fibers or carbon particles less brake dust.
Suitable for: 2006 Ford Ranger
Ford Ranger: EBC Greenstuff 6000-Serries Brake Pad Set
Reduces engine heat and back pressure, and improves exhaust scavenging for high power and performance of the engine.
Suitable for: 2005 - 2008 Ford Ranger
Ford Ranger: MagnaFlow Cat-Back Performance Exhaust
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