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Facts & Figures
MSRP: $22,200 - $59,200 Find it Used
Bodystyles: Coupe, Convertible
Class: Mid-Size Coupe, Mid-Size Convertible
Engines: 3.7l 6-cyl. (305hp)
5.0l 8-cyl. (420-444hp)
5.8l 8-cyl. (662hp)
EPA Mileage:
15 - 19 (City)
24 - 31 (Highway)
Our Rating:
Overview & Pictures
2013  Picture

The Mustang was redesigned for 2005 and got rave reviews for its looks, totally capturing the old Mustang but still looking contemporary. The styling tweaks since then have made it even better, and that holds true for the 2013 Mustang.

A black eggcrate grille opens wide over the bumper, with a clean and full chin, fascia, and air intakes, and just a tidy flat-black horizontal spoiler at the lip. The triangular rear window masterfully evokes the roofline of original '65 Mustang, replacing its fake louvers with glass.

We're less enthusiastic about the interior of the 2013 Mustang. Reviews all end up saying that the materials are okay considering the price of the car, remember it's only a Mustang, and we can't argue. The steering wheel lacks imagination, and that's disappointing.


The 2013 Ford Mustang is available in 4 versions:
Coupe, Convertible, GT500 Coupe and GT500 Convertible.

The JB car pages provide engine and transmission specs, as well as gas mileage and dimensions for all of these versions. In addition, please find information on the various versions and trims of the 2013 Ford Mustang and prices below.


The 2013 Ford Mustang Coupe is available in 5 trim levels:

Ford Mustang Coupe V6$22,200
Ford Mustang Coupe V6 Premium$26,200
Ford Mustang Coupe GT$30,300
Ford Mustang Coupe GT Premium$34,300
Ford Mustang Coupe Boss 302$42,200
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The 2013 Ford Mustang Convertible is available in 4 trim levels:

Ford Mustang Convertible V6$27,200
Ford Mustang Convertible V6 Premium$31,200
Ford Mustang Convertible GT$35,300
Ford Mustang Convertible GT Premium$39,300
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The 2013 Ford Mustang GT500 Coupe comes in only one trim level:

Shelby GT500 Coupe$54,200
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The 2013 Ford Mustang GT500 Convertible comes in only one trim level:

Shelby GT500 Convertible$59,200
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