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Facts & Figures
Bodystyle: Sedan
Class: Upper Luxury Sedan
Engine: 4.6l 8-cyl. (275 - 292hp)
EPA Mileage:
15 (City)
22 - 23 (Highway)
Our Rating:
Overview & Pictures
2008  Picture
2008  Picture
2008  Picture

The DTS is a full-size luxury car with full-size American power and a warm, spacious interior. Its 115.6-inch wheelbase would have qualified it as a full-size car even in the mid-1950s.

Its V8 engine develops 275 horsepower, and a higher-output version is available that delivers 292 horsepower. Though its styling is restrained, the DTS is loaded with the latest technology. Yet, unlike many luxury cars these days, there's no need to study the owner's manual to make the Cadillac DTS do its job. This is a rational luxury car, easy to operate in addition to being large and luxurious. We like that.

The DTS offers impeccable road manners, with crisp handling and good grip that inspires composure and driving enjoyment on winding roads. It handles surprisingly well given its size. It takes turns with poise and dignity, making it an enjoyable steed when the road goes curvy. The DTS is front-wheel-drive.

Facts & Figures

The JB car pages provide engine and transmission specs, as well as gas mileage and dimensions for all 2008 Cadillac DTS versions.

2008 Cadillac DTS Sedan Specs & Features

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